Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Reunion

It all began a few months back when a couple of us from ST. Thomas's Girls' School connected with each other over facebook. We found that a site was created for our own school and hundreds of students from across the globe were trying to connect with each other and walk down memory lane. Talks of having a gala alumni meet at the school premises began and everyone was so excited.
Then one of the juniors suddenly had a brainwave to have a reunion with the teachers and then one by one people started seconding and thirding the idea. Initially it was to be a reunion of only the 1992 pass outs, but people like me who were so eager to meet the teachers as well, wanted to join. So the invitation was extended to anyone who was interested.
Then began the planning session which was a mammoth task undertaken by four girls - Anamika, Smitha, Sarada, and Moutusi. The girls went all out to get the contact details of the teachers, the students who registered to attend the function, send out invites to the teachers, organize the venue for the meetup and what not. The momento was kept up by constant SMS messages to the participants, and continuous posts on Facebook so that no one would miss the event . I had decided that come what may, I would be there for the event on 1st May, and as they say, if you really want something badly the universe conspires to give it to you. My universe conspired to give me a lean period at work and an easy fund flow to book the tickets for the event and fly down to good old Kolkata. :)
I am the kind who gets excited even with the smallest of events in life, and this event was a big one for me. Imgaine meeting all your teachers after 22 years - and the best part is many of them are still around. :)
I bragged and bragged about the event at my work place and at one point of time all my colleagues were more excited about the event than me. :) So 30th April dawned and I took my flight to Kolkata the city of joy, the city where I grew up and spent the most precious years of my life. I couldn't hold myself till 1st May and could hardly sleep that night. Come 1st May, I was up and about and ensured that I reached the venue on time. I was given a warm welcome by the girls and was very touched. Then the moment arrived -- the teachers started trickling in one by one and my my they looked just the same as we had left them years ago.
Each of them could recongnize our faces and remember our names and also remember us for what we were like in school. That part totally amazed me. We never realize their committment and dedication to us till we actually part from them and meet them again. I felt that I was with 25 loving moms at the same time and was being flooded with their affection.
The best part of the function was that my favourite teachers were present - my 4th Standard teacher, my physics teacher in high school, and my bio/chemistry teacher in high school. They hugged me and felt so proud of my achievements in life. Then came the biggest surprise guest of the event - our dear principal. She was one whom we used to dread in our school life, but she turned out to be the most loving of them all. She touched our hearts with her speech and made us realize that we were actually nurtured by so many mothers in our formative years. The whole afternoon went by catching up with the teachers and the girls and the best part was that one of my classmates with whom we all had lost contact - turned up for the event. I was overwhelmed. The teachers never wanted to leave and neither did we. But, all good things must come to and end and the teachers bade us goodbye until next year. Then it was the turn of the girls to let themselves loose - dancing, singing, chatting and of course not missing me downloading the photos and making copies of CDs fot the girls. Finally the people at the venue came and literally drove us out. It was an eventful day with lots of good memories and happy moments for us to cherish.
For me the reunion was not over, because through the course of the week I had promised to meet many of my classmates who could not make it for the event. More about it in my next blog. :) Thanks to the reunion, I resumed my blogging again.