Saturday, February 27, 2010

67 and still going strong....

Wondering who this is folks? Well he is the most sought after person in India, a brand in himself, an idol, an icon --- words cannot describe him. He is none other than our dear Mr. Bachchan (senior). Well I am not a die hard fan of Mr.B - but over the years I have begun to admire the man for what he has created for himself. At 67 he still gives the young heros a run for their money - just look at the series of hits he has been giving - Paa, Rann, and now Teen Patti. The other day I was hearing someone say that when Mr. B is on the screen everyone else seems so insignificant - and it's so true. He has the golden touch - every movie he acts in is a hit. Every movie brings out a new facet of this man. I have read that he is always on the sets on time and is extremely nice to his colleagues.
The other day we had a theatre workshop in office and I wanted to go join it. I was telling everyone -- you never know there could be a hidden actor in me who can now come out into the open and then probably I could get a role opposite Mr. B himself. Everyone laughed at the idea because till recently, I was a diehard fan of the "Badshaah" of Bollywood - till the fiasco over his movie MNIK happened. When the country has more important things to think about, a section of the society went ga-ga over the release of the movie and it was being discussed in every media channel. I personally felt that this was a hype created so that people would go and watch the movie. The movie received raving reviews - but my regard for SRK crashed to the ground. I still feel that all those comments and all the "hoo-ha" with Shiv Sena was just staged so that the movie could get the needed focus.
Focussing back on Mr. B - I do not remember him campaigning for any movie of his, yet its a superhit. Is it because of the man or his talent? I would say both. He has grown to such a stature that any fellow human being would just look up to him. What a personality!!! He is truly truly the emperor of Bollywood. "Jahanpanah! Tussi Great HO!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lessons from Nonagenerian!!

It is not often that we get to see nonagenerians in this day and age. Considering the kind of life styles we lead and the kind of food we eat, if our life expectancy goes beyond 60 years, its a real wonder. Well I have the privilege of living with a Nonagenerian - a 98 year old young lady. :) She is my better half's maternal grandmother and has been living with us over a year now. She would be just about 4 feet in height but as agile as ever even at this age. She is extremely meticulous about her daily routines and very particular about time. Her only disabilities perhaps are that she cannot see clearly and cannot hear properly - but everything else about her is intact - including her memory. She still remembers what she did when she was 12 or 13 which amazes all of us. The secret of her good health is that in all of her 98 years she has never eaten anything other than home cooked food. She keeps herself and her belongings spotlessly clean and if she can't do it, she ensures that we do it for. She fell sick recently and it was a real bad bout of allergic bronchitis. Despite her frail structure, she managed to pull through the illness with an ease which many of us would not even think of. She just had to be hospitalized for a day and the doctor was amazed at her spirit to fight back the illness. She bounced back to her normal self in just a week's time which indeed had us spellbound. She ensured that she was cleaned everyday and even co-operated by putting on diapers knowing that nature's calls were beyond her control. How many of us would really do that ? I learnt a great lesson in compassion while nursing her and of course learnt that we need to look after ourselves to perfection so we don't cause any discomfort whatsoever to people on whom we are dependent on.
She lives by the clock, but is never ready to give up her fight. She is very clear that she would want to leave this world in a clean and healthy manner. May the Almighty grant her this wish. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I finally started blogging!!!

Blogs!! blogs!!blogs!! - been hearing about this for years now and also following and reading many of the interesting blogs. I always used to wonder - what value addition would blogs have to my life. But then what the heck all those musings have actually made me start blogging - finally!! as many of my well wishers would comment. And when did it all start??? Well I have been suddenly latched onto facebook for the past 3 months and connected with lots and lots of friends from all over. I keep posting my stray thoughts as my status and saw that it received so many comments. I was suddenly in the limelight and then many of them said - Sanguine - it's high time you start blogging. So here I am - writing my first post. I know I am going to give vent to all my creativity here and going to enjoy what I am most passionate about - writing. :) So here's to lots of writing and lots of networking. Welcome me to your world folks. I have finally come of age. :)