Monday, November 14, 2016

Money money everywhere, Not a rupee to spend!!

Finally back to my favorite space after a long hiatus. Well, the situation in our nation, and my own personal development has made me come back here and put down my musings.

Yes, we finally have a leader who has taken the challenge to cleanse this nation from the most deep rooted vice - corruption. Its a long road ahead, but the foundation has been laid and now it is up to us to make it or break it.

The last few days has literally put the entire nation into a frenzy - long queues at banks and ATMs, people desperately looking for smaller currency to carry out their day to day activities, and of course the dirty politicians ranting out their disapproval hiding behind the common man's hardships. Truly speaking the common man is least affected by all this. Poor always had small currency with them and only occasionally saw a bigger note. The ones who really had access to the bigger notes cannot be classified as poor - may be lower income groups.This includes road-side vendors, small traders, etc. However, these people were ready to sell their perishable items on credit to their regular customers. The middle income groups peacefully found ways and means to dispose off the currency with the help of the educated groups. As for the educated higher income groups - they have access to plastic money and are managing well without a penny in their pockets. Ask anyone standing in the queues or selling stuff on streets and they say with a smile on the face - we are ready to take this challenge for the sake of our nation. Our PM is a great man and we are ready to stand by him come what may.

Some people are ranting out their feelings on Social Media by quoting about difficulties in villages and remote towns. So guys what should you be doing? If you have access to money and have seen people suffering, why don't you extend a helping hand?? No one stopped you from doing that. Don't we all go out of our way to help our countrymen during a calamity? Why don't we do that now??

So who's really affected by all this? It is the rich with unaccounted money, the politicians, and the media who are fed by the politicians with their dirty money. The whole decision came as a shock to them because in a minute all their hoards were rendered useless and they were in a fix. Since their money has come from unfair means, it is quite obvious that they resort to unfair means to oppose the movement. They are quoting the common man's miseries to oppose the govt. Where were these great souls when common man suffers from lack of infrastructure in the states, giving thousands of rupees as bribes just to get a simple work done??? Are they really concerned about the common man?? No. They want to use the common man to hide their dark world. The CM who is voicing out the most is the most affected because her state is the entry point for fake currency. Another CM is screaming his lungs out at the center just because the PM grabbed all the attention by taking the first step towards removing corruption. Another one is busy celebrating Tipu Jayanthi as if that is going to ease the situation in any way. And Oh! not to miss the CM  who got a "rebirth" the moment the demonetization was announced.

The only states making noise are the ones where the opposition parties are ruling the state. When the leader of the nation takes a decision, isn't it the duty of the states to ensure that the policies are followed? When State Govts. are given power to run their administration why can't they do their duty. Why can't they control the law and order situation and let things go haywire, and then blame the center. If Center really intervenes they won't like it because their autonomy is gone.

Can the media stop calling the politicians for a while and call the common people for a debate. You will get a totally different perspective of the situation.

Today every banker who is handling long queues of irate and anxious customers is a soldier, a hero. Every Indian who is standing in the queue is a patriot most willing to endure any hardship for a greater good. And the beauty of it all is that we Indians find humor in every aspect of life to keep our spirits soaring.

My appeal to my countrymen is to hang in there and have patience. The nation has started healing itself from the hurt inflicted upon her for 70 years. The healing process is long and painful, so please stand by her and help her. Mother India needs her children to be patient and have faith. This too shall pass and we may really be entering a golden era very soon.