Saturday, February 27, 2010

67 and still going strong....

Wondering who this is folks? Well he is the most sought after person in India, a brand in himself, an idol, an icon --- words cannot describe him. He is none other than our dear Mr. Bachchan (senior). Well I am not a die hard fan of Mr.B - but over the years I have begun to admire the man for what he has created for himself. At 67 he still gives the young heros a run for their money - just look at the series of hits he has been giving - Paa, Rann, and now Teen Patti. The other day I was hearing someone say that when Mr. B is on the screen everyone else seems so insignificant - and it's so true. He has the golden touch - every movie he acts in is a hit. Every movie brings out a new facet of this man. I have read that he is always on the sets on time and is extremely nice to his colleagues.
The other day we had a theatre workshop in office and I wanted to go join it. I was telling everyone -- you never know there could be a hidden actor in me who can now come out into the open and then probably I could get a role opposite Mr. B himself. Everyone laughed at the idea because till recently, I was a diehard fan of the "Badshaah" of Bollywood - till the fiasco over his movie MNIK happened. When the country has more important things to think about, a section of the society went ga-ga over the release of the movie and it was being discussed in every media channel. I personally felt that this was a hype created so that people would go and watch the movie. The movie received raving reviews - but my regard for SRK crashed to the ground. I still feel that all those comments and all the "hoo-ha" with Shiv Sena was just staged so that the movie could get the needed focus.
Focussing back on Mr. B - I do not remember him campaigning for any movie of his, yet its a superhit. Is it because of the man or his talent? I would say both. He has grown to such a stature that any fellow human being would just look up to him. What a personality!!! He is truly truly the emperor of Bollywood. "Jahanpanah! Tussi Great HO!!!

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  1. I totally agree with you
    Mr. Bachchan is a great showman after Raj Kapoor, who rightfully deserves the honorary doctorate which was offered to him.
    It seems that he has all the luck in the world as well - series of hit movies, his linkups with the most desired women of Bollywood, and now having the Miss.World as his Bahu. What else can a person ask for?