Monday, March 1, 2010

Walking down the memory lane!!

Ah! Nostalgia - It is such a wonderful feeling. I was lazily browsing the net and as usual logged into Facebook to play my favourite game "Farmville" when I saw this friend request from a very familiar name. The name was that of one of my classmates and the moment I connected with her it was a "Blast from the Past". I connected to many many more friends through her and we all became extremely nostalgic about our school days and about all our teachers. All of us could recognize each other very well -- which means the names and faces were all etched so well somewhere deep down in our cerebrums - and with a slight stimulus the memories came gushing forth. Speaking of the good old days, our naughty escapades from the teachers and giving the teachers a hard time in class have been the hot topics of all our discussions. The best part is that we have all opened up so well to each other - not holding back anything about our lives in the years that transpired in between. The foundation for true friendship probably lies in our childhood and our school days.
Speaking of old times, I was watching the idiot box and switching channels as nothing seemed to ignite my interests. I was reminded of the Doordarshan days. The very first soap opera was "Hum Log" -- the concept of a serial came into being and it was such a wonder to watch - a far cry from the "Saas-Bahu" tear jerkers of modern times. It was so middle class and we could relate so well to each character that appeared. Then there was Chitrahaar. The only filmy program that used to be aired every Wednesday for half an hour. But we used wait anxiously for the songs and even though some were old, it was fine with us.
Moving on to the late night films that used to be aired every Friday -- every movie was a classic and we learnt to follow the sub titles so well. Another of my Friday favourites was "World This Week". I was a die-hard fan of Prannoy Roy and come hell or high water would ensure that I watch the program. These days the news channels air only controversies - a mere show of "masala" and gossip. Everything goes by TRP. The only reality shows then were the quiz programs by Siddharth Basu and probably a musical program. How I wish those days would come back again. Does anyone remember the Bodyline Series, Great Expectations, Sherlock Holmes and some of the classics from BBC? I would say that my hold over "Queen's English" came only because dad insisted that I watch and follow these serials. Today the "Idiot Box" truly lives up to it's name. Barring a few educational programs there is nothing that it has to offer the younger generation. Looking back, I feel really proud to have had "little" but yet "too much" -- little of so called luxuries, but lots of childhood memories to cherish for the rest of my life. Ah! Nostalgia -- Indeed a beautiful feeling. :)


  1. Do you remember the comedy shows which were my favourite ? Yeh jo hai zindagi and the Lucy Show

  2. Good one, manni..... there really is nothing on TV these days... which is why i have just stopped wasting my time on it..... have instead started buying cds of Sherlock Holmes, Seinfeld, etc.. and watch them when i have the time

  3. Great write up Sangeeta....true friendship is what matters and happy that we could connect once again